Hockey 101: The Stick


Whether it is being used to shoot, pass, slash or cross check, the stick is an integral part of the game of hockey. It is also the subject of this week’s Hockey 101.

According to the AHL Official Rule Book:

The sticks shall be made of wood or other material approved by the League, and must not have any projections. Adhesive tape of any color may be wrapped around the stick at any place for the purpose of reinforcement or to improve control of the puck.

Aside from the occasional anachronism, you are unlikely to find any players still using a wooden stick. Most sticks that are used in the AHL and NHL today are made from lighter, more flexible materials such as fiberglass, carbon fiber and other composite materials.

Hockey StickOne aspect of the stick that is uniform, is the size. The league mandates certain restrictions on the size of a stick such as:

No stick shall exceed 63” in length from the heel to the end of the shaft nor more than 12 ½” from the heel to the end of the blade. (Players 6’ 6” or taller can request an exception for a longer stick that can be as long as 65”).

The blade of the stick can’t be more than 3” in width at any point between the heel and ½” in from the toe, nor less than 2”.

The curvature of the blade is restricted so that the distance of a perpendicular line measured from a straight line drawn from any point at the heel to the end of the blade to the point of maximum curvature shall not exceed ¾”.

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