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Downtown Bid

The Devils are proud to call Albany home and on Tuesday, the team will stand with the many people and businesses that provide the heartbeat of the downtown area.

Between 5-8 pm Tuesday, the Downtown Albany Business Improvement District (or Albany BID) is hosting “Illuminate Downtown” at Times Union Center.

Among many of the activities on the arena floor, patrons will be exposed to more than 60 downtown restaurants, pubs, retail, services and businesses. Not only will music be provided The Chronicles (Downtown Albany’s 2012 JazzFest Competition Winners), but individuals will have the chance to build connections with business leaders, owners and residents.

As a special treat, the Devils will be hosting Bubble Hockey with broadcaster Josh Heller providing exciting play-by-play action for all games. Every person who participates will receive a free ticket voucher to be redeemed during 2013 Opening Night.

Bubble Hockey

Additionally, patrons will have a chance to try on hockey equipment and get an understanding of what Devils players wear when competing in the AHL and NHL … or what our fans wear during a “Dress Like A Pro” intermission contest.


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Tuesday, May 14, 2013 | 5:00 – 8:00 PM
Times Union Center
51 South Pearl Street, Albany

$15 General Admission | $5 Student Admission
Includes access to all booths and activities on the TUC arena floor. Cash bar. Illuminate Downtown is a fundraiser to further the efforts to improve the economic vitality of downtown Albany, New York. This event follows the Downtown Albany Business Improvement District’s Annual Meeting.

Free Parking for the Annual Meeting and Illuminate Downtown in the Times Union Center Garage. Courtesy of Times Union Center.

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