Labatt Blue Bubble Hockey Tournament of Champions


Here is your chance to be a
Hockey Champion!

The Albany Devils, the AHL and nine other teams have partnered with Labatt Blue for the 2013 Labatt Blue AHL Bubble Hockey Tournament of Champions. Each participating AHL city will have a local tournament and the Albany winner will represent the Devils for the league title.

Congratulations to the winners of the following dates:

Feb. 6 - Center Square Pub
Winner: Zach Primeau; Runner-Up: Emma Maceko
Feb. 16 - Lynn’s Uptown Sports Grill
Winner: Steve Manine; Runner-Up: Heather Marley
Feb. 20 - WTs
Winner: Dan Grimaudo; Runner-Up: Audrey
Feb. 21 – Smokey Bones
Winner: Chris Holmes; Runner-Up: Morgan Milsop
Feb. 22 – Bootleggers
Winner: Erin Villeneuve; Runner-Up: Meghan Usher
Feb. 23 – 
Recovery Sports Grill, Troy, NY
Winner: John Fozziati; Runner-UP: Matt Farron
Feb. 27 - Juniors
Winner: Rob Plowinske; Runner-Up: Chris Cees
Mar. 7 - Park View Pub (9:30-11:30 pm)
• Winner: Ken Cox; Runner-Up: Jason Truskoski
Mar. 15 – Hooters (8-10 pm)
Winner: Christopher Finn; Runner-Up: Shawn Weaver

The Tournament Finals will take place in Albany on Apr. 21 at Times Union Center. Participants are competing to win great prizes including tickets to AHL games, a trip for two to Albany and the grand prize of your very own Super Chexx Bubble Hockey game!

For the complete list of rules CLICK HERE


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