Labatt Blue Bubble Hockey Tournament of Champions Rules

All games will follow the Official I.C.E. Super Chexx Singles Rules of Play.

i) The first Contestant listed will play to the Official’s right and the second Contestant on the left side of the game. The Official will start play by hitting the start button with scoreboard at 0-0 when both entrants signal they are ready to begin game play.

ii) There are three (3), sixty (60)-second periods in a game. If regulation time ends in a tie, or a Contestant is losing by one goal, then the game will be played until there is one decisive winner. If the final goal ties the score, then the game goes to sudden death overtime. If one Contestant is ahead by two goals at the end of regulation play, the game is over and the Official will call the game.

iii) The puck must stay in the net and travel down the goal chute, and be registered by the game unit for a goal to be scored.

iv) Goals that appear to go in the net and bounce out do not count and the Official will not stop play to review any such disputed goal, so Contestants must keep playing at all times.

v) Goalies may not be moved rapidly from side to side so as to violently shake the ice surface of the game. Contestants will be warned once and may be disqualified, in the Official’s discretion, resulting in a loss of that game if repeated violations occur.

vi) If a game malfunctions electronically or physically during play, in the Official’s discretion, the game will be replayed from the start regardless of the score

vii) Physically abusing a game will result in immediate disqualification, resulting in loss of game being played. Examples of physical abuse include lifting, shaking, purposely moving the cabinet, unplugging, striking, or kicking.

viii) Contestants are not permitted to stall play by deliberately holding the puck for an extended period of time. A Contestant may request a five (5)-second count from the Official. The Contestant receiving the count must then pass or shoot the puck before the end of five seconds. Failure to do so will result in that Contestant being disqualified from the game, in the sole discretion of the Official.


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