Devils, Twin Rivers Council Patch Design Contest

For the past two seasons, the Albany Devils and the Boy Scouts of America have cultivated a relationship which sets the stage for memorable nights for their members. In 2011-12, the Devils hosted three Scout Nights, including the Scout Sleepover on Feb. 18. It’s not uncommon to head to the Times Union Center and see boys and girls wearing their limited edition Albany Devils Scout Jersey.

This season, the Devils have teamed with the Twin Rivers Council to have Scout members design the 2012-13 Albany Devils Scout Patch.

Participants are asked to follow these guidelines:


  • Designs must be submitted by Sept. 30, 2012
  • The contest is open to all youth Boy Scout members
  • The winning patch design will be  selected by a prominent community leader and former boy scout

Design Criteria

  • The final designs are subject to approval by the Twin Rivers Council, BSA and the National Council, BSA
  • Albany Devils is required on either patch and the artwork must focus on the Devils, one of their logos or trademarks
  • The patch must be a 3 inch round or square size
  • The theme of the patches must be related to the Devils and the Scouts
  • No more than 8 colors may be used in the design
  • The patches must have a merrowed (rolled) edge (the border color does not count as one of the colors for merrowed edge patches)

Required Submissions

  • Design for a 3 inch round or square patch
  • Explanation of how the designs meet the theme


  • Artistic ability is not required; the submitted designs may be as simple as a basic sketches
  • The winning design may be modified to simplify production
  • The winning design may be modified to control costs
  • The Council reserves the right to create patch prior to contest end

How to Submit

  • Mail the design to the Albany Devils Executive Office at 51 S. Pearl St., Albany, NY 12207
  • Email the design to Adam Banko (
  • Upload the design (click here)

Please contact Dennis Dugan ( or Adam Banko ( for specific questions.


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